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March 30th, 2004

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08:16 pm - It's That Time Again Folks...

hi there kiddies. it's time for an actual update. but ya know what, i need comments! lol it's sad... everyone gets comments in here but me! what do i need to say in here that'll make ppl comment?!?! lol w/e. here goes...

  • friday: i just layed around and did nothing. mike got me mad b/c he didn't call me, even tho he said he would. i don't like when he goes that b/c (1) i hate whenever he lies to me and (2) i hate going to sleep w/o hearing his voice and we have a corney lil thing where he says gnite, n' then i say gnite, n' then he says sweet dreams, n' i say dream sweet. it's corney but it's qoot. lol but he made up for it saturday/sunday.
  • saturday: i woked up early and went shopping with my mommy and cassie. we went to khols. i got 5 shirts (hello kitty, pink panther, some qoot one that i can't explain, i <3 nerds, and mr bubble or something like that), 4 pairs of floods, one pair of black comfy pants for chicago and a pair of cute black and pink op shoes (ghetto chuckies... oh well... i'm not the only one!!). then we went to round hill park and looked at the ducks and talked. the reason we did is b/c my mom had found a note that i wrote to mike to make him feel bad and she got worried and stuff. it said that i wanna kill myself and stuff like that, which i don't!! but... i'm glad i have a carring mommy. then i went over mike's. oh yea... i bot him a shirt too. it says game over on it. it's cool. yea... so then we worked on flyers for his band's show *toe up (his band) and abattoir murders on april 3rd (this saturday) at the dek in charleroi by the park from 7pm to 10pm... unless it rains... then it will be rescheduled* sorry, had to do that! lol anywho... then we got asked to go skating so we had to do a bunch of crap b4 2nd session. so his parents tooked us to jake's house to show him the flyers (he liked em) then we went to jake's pizza. omg it's so fuckin greasy! i felt sick after i ate it. oh well. it was cool. then i went home, got money, and got ready. then we went to walmart. mike got new shoes, socks, a golf hat, and suspenders. lol i love that crazy guy! and i got flip flops. they're black and qoot. i can't explain em. lol but yea... we had fun. we ran around and stuff. i love being in walmart with him. it's so much fun! then we went to skating. we only went to 2nd session. i hated it b/c i felt like i was going to pass out the whole time and mike kept skating away from me cause cody was there. he was just trying to do some trick thingie, which was good, but it pissed me off cause he didn't even fuckin care about me. if this is gonna happen all the time, and he doesn't pay attention to me and only couple skates with me 1 1/2 times, i'm not going anymore with him! it was boring. but oh well. i got to spend time with him so it was all good.
  • sunday: i went over mike's around 1-ish. cody was there, of course. oh well. i miss hanging out with him n' mike. yea.. we cleaned and rearranged his room and got mcdonalds and i watched them skate. then we went down to underneath the two highways going over coyle curtain road, i think, and i taped them skate and stuff. it was cool. it was such a nice day out. i got a bit of sunburn on my cheeks. lol it was neatoe. mike wanted to come over my house for a bit, and i really wanted him to come over too, but his mom was being mean. but i'm sure she had reasons. oh well. that weekend was awesome so it was ok. i had stuff to do too. i really wish we could have had some time alone. but we will tomorrow. :)
  • monday: yesterday. school was gay. but at 10:30pm... mikey came over for like 15 minutes. he gave me some flyers i have to give out tomorrow to like... everyone! lol and we kissed and i kept kissing his neck and hugging him. i miss him so much! i love him sooooo much! then he went home and we talked till like midnight on the phone.
  • tuesday: today. i had to go to the birth control place. i got my pills changed cause of my moodiness. oh well. maybe i won't cry as much and make mike feel like poo anymore. i don't want to make him feel bad anymore. yea... mike was gonna come over today even tho he's not allowed... but he has to go to some thingie with his band. oh well. i'll let him. cause tomorrow...... he's mine. lol j/k j/k.

well... i'm going to go change my laundry and finish watching american idol. YAY... amy should win!! soooooooo.. i'll add one tomorrow nite or thursday... more than likely thursday. tootles.

krisi kat <3

Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: Scary Bunny Commercial

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It's That Time Again Folks... - Your Perfect In My Eyes

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