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March 25th, 2004

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06:32 am - I Suppose I'll Update...
mike's in the shower right now so i have time to update before he calls me back. ok well... last night deffinately deserves an entry! it was so fun. mikey came over. unfortunately it wasn't when he usually comes over (around 3)... it was 5 but it was still cool. it took him sooo long to show me his teeth. he looks hott w/o braces! lol he's sucha cutie! and yea.. so we wrestled and then he was tickeling my neck by blowing on it and stuff cause my neck's ultra sensative (gay word...:-\) and yea... that slowly turned into him kissing my neck and giving me a huge hickey!! it's monsterous (another gay word!). but yea... it was hott and we made out and i gave him something... lol i learn from pornoes.. it's great! we didn't have sex or anything, cause we weren't really in the mood. but it's all good cause sex isn't even that awesome when u do it so often. so we're both calming down on the sex. it's all gwavy. and uh... then we talked and kissed and watched full house and i made us cheesburgers. i like making us food. :o) then we watched full house untill 7 and then tooked a shower. it was getting cold cause we were in there for a really long time so we just got out. we talked and stuff and kissed and then before american idol... we had sex. but... i really don't think that we're going to do it that much anymore b/c it's better when u haven't done it in a while, and then do it, only once. it's so great with him cause this is just the way we show eachother how much we love eachother. so there!! then we watched american idol n' talked n' kissed til he went home. i miss him already. well.... he just called so i gotsta go. tah tah!

krisi kat <3<3<3
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: My Baby's Sexxxy Voice

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I Suppose I'll Update... - Your Perfect In My Eyes

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