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March 15th, 2004

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08:51 am - Two Days... Two Words... Fucking Awesome!...
yea soooo... i just <3 updating when i'm supposed to be doing my mythology research! lol well... after the last actual update, i kinda just sat around and waited for mike to call me. then my mommy tooked me over his house and i waited there for a tid bit for mike to get home. then we rushed around, gale came, and then we left for mike's gig. it was somewhere in homestead i think. it was so awesome! they were the first band, i think. they were great. mike's solo was SOOO amazing! he is seriously the best drummer i know! he's so talented and i am so fuckin proud of him. i had to much fun there, altho at the end, i kinda didn't feel that great cuase of all the smoke and i was hungry. but it's all good. we hung out after they played an awesome show and we saw the rest of the bands. no one was as good as mike. they all pretty much sucked. then we left, idk what time tho. it was like midnight i think. and then we went to denny's. i got breakfast! lol i was off my diet this weekend. :o) yea anyways... then aaron dropped us off at mike's house (me and mike) and i went on the puter and he did stuff with his drums. he went upstairs to do soemthing and i didn't think he'd be able to hear me, so i started singing. i was so tired/hyper. i felt drunk! lol and yea... so he did hear me and i was so embarrassed. but he said that i sounded really good. that's all that matters i suppose. then we went into his siter's room and i gave him a VERY nice hang jobby! lol no lotion, and i made him cum. i got skilled! lol uh... then we went upstairs and he tucked my in his bed and then he turned out the light and i got all scared cause i didn't wanna be in the dark (i'm scared of the dark... it's a long story!!) so he said that i could sleep in the living room with him. he was gonna sleep on the chair and i was gonna sleep on the couch. but we ended up sleeping together in his sister's room cause she was at chris's... of course. lol and so we started watching school of rock but then i fell asleep, then he fell asleep. his mom woke us up and she didn't even care that much. and we woked up around noon and ate french toast and we watched school of rock. i <3 that movie! and for the rest of the day untill 6, we just layed around and talked and kissed and watched tv. i had the best weekend ever and this morning, mike said that it was the best weekend ever and it made me feel better. i love him so much! i can't wait till i can sleep with him again! he's so damn comfy! lol well i should really go now cause ms smelnick's looks hungry again! lol well then... tootles!

krisi kat <3<3<3

p.s. i'm gonna change the layout soon... don't worry!
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Date:March 15th, 2004 06:28 pm (UTC)

Re: So Cute!

thanks... but i kinda like this better! lol
Two Days... Two Words... Fucking Awesome!... - Your Perfect In My Eyes

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