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Your Perfect In My Eyes

Christina Marie Paglia [mhm mhm]
27 June
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Krisi was
an Egotistical Side-Show Preformer
in a past life.

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Mike was
a Helpless Hair Stylist
in a past life.

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80's, a static lullaby, a week in july, anatomy of a ghost, band shirts, band teeshirts, bands, bayside, bed time bear, being alone (sometimes), being hyper, berlin project, black, blood, bonfires, boys, boys in eyeliner, bracelets, brand new, burning stuff, carebears, chains, chinese food, coheed and cambria, colored duck tape, coloring books, converse, cuddling, dark, darkness, doing naughty things, donnie darko, dreams, driving, dropkick murphys, drummers, duct tape, eating, emo, emo boys, evanescence, eyeliner, fall out boy, falling leaves, family guy, fire, fire drills, fire!!, flirting, flogging molly, fluffy stuff, friends, from autumn to ashes, full house, gabes, god, goodwill, guitars, gummi bears, gummi braceletts, halloween, hand cuffs, hanging out, having sex, homestar runner, hoodies, hot pink, indie, kingdom hospital, kissing, knock first, laga, laughing, linkin park, liprings, live journal, local bands, lord of the rings, mac and cheese, mae, making out, matchbook romance, mike playing the drums, mike's boxers, mike's garage, mike's house, mike's pants, mike's tooshy, movies, music, my boyfriend, my chuckies, my golfcart, my hair, my paul frank undies, my tooshy, new years, new york city, nightmare before christmas, orange (my fave color!!!), pee pees, permanent markers, photography, piercings, pittsburgh, pittsburgh scene, punchline, punk, red, rollercoasters, safety pins, saosin, saves the day, screamoe, senses fail, sf firehydrant, sharpies, showering, showers, shows, simple plan, ska, skate boarding, skating, sleeping, slimfast shakes, sparkles, stars, sublime, sugarcult, swimming, tattoos, the berlin project, the darkness, the internet, the vfw, thrice, thrift stores, thursday, toe socks, tokyo rose, transition, walmart, warmth, whips, will and grace, writing