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March 15th, 2004

06:33 am - Blah Blah Blah
don't mind the layout right now. it's gay. but i'm not gonna fix it till like tomorrow... mike's not supposed to be the background. lol but... yea... just pay it no mind. i'll change it whenever i have enuff time. i gotta go call mike now. later.
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March 13th, 2004

04:50 pm - This Weekend Rawks Thus Far...
word? ha yea so.. yesterday was awesome! skool was alrighty... then i got home, called mike, watched Mona List Smile, called mike somemore, got ready, then his siter came to take me to mike's gig. me and mel talked and she's so awesome! we went to walmart and got tapes for my video camera... then we went to Uncle Franks. i think that's what its called atleast. lol and i saw my baby. he's so sexy behind his drums. i'm very proud of him! and then we watched one set... they were awesome... not something i'd listen to everyday but, actually, i would cause it's my baby, cousins, and shemererer! so yea.. nevermind what i just said. lol i'm just so excited! but uh... after they played we got kicked out. me, actually, but melanie made a big shit about it, which i don't blame her for, i love her!, yea and maria tooked me home. i like her more than i like mike's dad cause he read my other journal and i don't think he likes me! lol oh well. so i went home, talked to clay, and went to sleep. otay... today... saturday: this morning we went shopping and gots nummy foods and then we came home then went back out to Gabes. i got two pairs of jeans and three shirts... and a REALLY cute purse! it's black n' pink with a mad kitty on it! then we came home and i'm wearing my hello kitty shirt! :o) yea anywho... i'm waiting for mike to get home from some music store in pittsburgh and for cassie's boyfriend to get ehre so we can meet him. i hope i can meet him tho b/c yea... it be nice! but er.. i think i'm gonna go get something to eat cause i won't be eating at mike's or the show... but it's gonna rock and i won't get kicked out like last nite! and i'm gonna stay over his house, if his parents are okay with that. i hope so! WOOT! i'm excited! so yea... i'm gonna go get ready now. i love you michael, aaf! ur gonna kick ass tonite! ok.. on that note... later!

krisi kat <3<3<3
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March 12th, 2004

07:42 pm

Get to know the REAL you by crash_and_burn
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that's about. mike's gig is tonite. WOOT. so yea... bye.

krisi kat <3<3<3

p.s. everyone gets comments... but poor 'il krisi!!!!
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08:52 am - Last Night Was So Awesome...
yesterday started out so damn shitty! skool sucked and justin n' greg were pissing me off... but oh well. i got home, called mike, and then when he went to something for his band, i fell asleep. i woke up at around 6:30, did some homework, and then called him to see if he was home yet. he was. and then he came over at 8pm or so. i didn't expect him to come over but i was so happy cause i haven't seen him since monday. but it's all good now. we had such an awesome time! we talked most of the time, which was nice. we made up and everything is better now! i'm very very happy. and tonite i get to go to his gig, even tho it's at a bar, i can still go. his mom asked if i could. i was really surprised b/c i didn't think she liked me cause i took her son's V!! lol well he took mine too!! lol anywho... i can go. i'm so happy! i wanna hear them play sooo much! and i might even get to stay over nite at his house tonite. well.. we're gonna get back at 2am so it's kinda saturday morning i guess. well... me and erin aren't doing what we're supposed to be doin [looking up stuff for mythology]... we're bad kitties! she's making a website and i'm doing... this... obviously. lol i love being on the computer at school. i think we're gonna be in here on monday and next friday too. i have to find 100 thingies [products, site, companies, etc] that have greek names. grrr. it's gay! i can't fuckin find sibyl!! i'm gonna cry. i foubt 30... so i have to find 70 more at home so i can get a 100%. but i have saturday to do it cause mike has a benefit for his band or something. idk. i'm glad that he has a good band. it's awesome! i miss him, but it's all good. well i'm gonna go finish now... ms melnick's gonna eat me... HAH she looks hungry! ok... we have a gay student teacher in chorus next period. blahck!!! she sucks! anywho... ciao for now! i'll add one tomorrow i guess.

krisi kat <3<3<3
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March 11th, 2004

12:17 am - What Should I do?...
idk what to do. i know that i don't want to break up with mike... i love him. i just wish that i could see him more often. but... when we don't see eachother, n' sometimes even when we do, we fight. i don't like it! i love him and i really don't wanna dump him. i just don't know what to do... is it okay that we fight atleast once a day? not big fights... lil arguments over lil stuff. and also do you think that those lil fights can break us up? please... whoever u are reading this right now... gimme a comment cause idk what to do! i don't wanna break up... but how, do you think, me and mike can stop arguing so much and never wanna break up with eachother? i'm just really confused. but i got to hear his voice so i can go to sleep easy now. i love hearing his voice... i can't live w/o hearing it! comment please... i need a hellalota advice! it's sleepy time now... good nite world.

sweet dreams... dream sweet!

krisi kat <3<3<3
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March 10th, 2004

04:35 pm - Everything Is Getting Better...
i think everything's getting better atleast. i hope so. me and mike almost, again, broke up last night. he's sick of me crying cause it makes him think that it's him that makes me cry, but the birth control pills make me so emo. haha it's true! and i hate it. i just need to control myself! i love my mikey so much! i really don't wanna break up w/ him! i just cry alot. it's no biggy. now that i know why i cry alot... i can deal with it. and i can control it, hopefully. my emotions are just so scattered cause of the pills. it's gay... but i'll survive. and he will too. i love him, care about him, trust him... he's my best friend! i don't wanna loose him... not now... not ever.

anywho... i didn't go to school today. just felt like goin back to sleep i guess. i should have went... but oh well. i had homework to do anyways. i got my math done, but i still have mass media and my mythology to do. i'll do it sometime later. mike's gonna call me back soon so i should go now. i'll add another prolly tomorrow! ciao.

krisi kat <3<3<3
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March 9th, 2004

08:16 pm - Oi...
i told mike that i miss kissing other guys.
that's not true at all!
i don't know what i was thinking.
i know i don't feel anything else with anyone else.
but him.
i love mike so much!
i'm gonna try to hard to give into my feelings.
and show him how much he means to me.


alrighty... just taking up some time cause it's almost 8:30 and that's when he said he wanted me to call him. i love it when he tell me he wants me to call him and tells me that i can call whenever i want! i love him so much... i just need to deal with that! lol i'm just scared of getting hurt... everyone is! i know that it's love!!!!! ooo he called me... :o)

krisi kat <3<3<3
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03:40 pm - Yeah... So...
the last entry was kinda pointless. but i got bored... so... yea. well... i just feel like telling yall about my loverly time with mike last night. i could tell u EVERYTHING... but i doubt u really wanna know about my sex life! ANYWHO... we were having problems sunday night, and almost broke up, which was stupid... but yesterday he came over. he made it all better! it's like we just started going back out. i'm so happy! i know i'm in love with him and if any of u don't think so... i hope u choke on a big one ((-Jessa!)). lol not really.. that would suck. ahem... as i was saying... he came over and we had an awesome time. we ate pizza, watched tv, took a shower, fulled around, i fixed his hair, we talked ALOT, kissed ALOT more, and we took a 2 hour nap together! i love sleeping with him!! but his mom came early casue it was snowing. but that's ok. i don't miss him, i just can't wait till i can see him next!! yea so... he went home *tear* and i vacuumed and got ready for bed. then he called me around 10. we talked till 11:30 and then i slowly went to bed. i'm sure i had good dreams with mike in em... i just can't member! lol we talked this morning and everything was back to normal. i love him soo much! i'm never EVER letting this one go! lol

stuff i learned over the past few days:
*everything gets worse before they get better
*it's not about quantity of time, it's about quality of time
*we're too young to act like an old married couple
*don't sweat the small shit
*mr byran has a cute butt (ana... teehee!)
*people are fuckin cruel
*blonde hair w/ blonde highlights looks scuzzy
*my birth controls are messing me up emotionally
*skool isn't that hard if you apply urself
*me and mike argue too much
*i realized i need to work on me and mike's relationship
*i don't wanna be with anyone but my mikey

so... now i'm gonna go fuck around with my journal n' stuff. later tater!

krisi kat <3<3<3

p.s. comment: POLL!... do you think me and mike are a cute couple?
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09:19 am - La La La La
i'm in skool... lookin up stuff for mythology.


i just wanted to add an entry cause i never added one from skool before.


i love mikey!

that's all.... byee byeee!!

krisi kat <3<3<3

p.s. GIVE ME COMMENTS! even just to say that u love me!! teehee!
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March 7th, 2004

02:44 pm - He's My Longest Relationship...
as of today.. mike's my longest realtionship! alrighty... well, i don't really care if mike didn't call me. i'll survive!! lol and my brother is watching full house in here so i can go on the puter! so... yesterday, around 3pm, mike came over. we had fun! i missed him so much, cause i hadn't seen him since tuesday! :-O lol anywho... we took a shower b/c we were gonna go to my cousin's musical in Dairy... but we decided to stay home b/c i didn't want to go out in public cause my hair was being stupid! lol i'm so vain!! yea... so... in the shower, i washed his hair and his body and i didn't wanna get wet again cause i already tooked a shower... but he got all squeaky clean. then i fixed his hair! and it looks so nice when it's not straight n' clean n' unfrizzy! he cleans up so nice! lol he's always adorable tho!! ooo i love him! sooo.. then we did some stuff, and munched, and watched tv. we never ate a real meal yesterday, we ate popsicles and cookies and stuff. lol it was cool. then we decided to not go b/c i was crying cause i looked like poop... then we watched MadTV and he fell asleep! he's soooo qoot when he sleeps! i kinda fell asleep but kinda not. i love hearing him breathe... so i didn't wanna fall asleep. but then we did more stuff and i don't really remember much of it. lol he stayed really late: til midnight! and we wrestled a lot. i missed doin that. i thot he broke my nose tho, but he didn't. and i slapped him really hard and he got all sad. i didn't wanna hurt him but he was doin the KAOLA GRIP thingie so it really hurt my leg. but, oh well... he knows that i didn't wanna intentionally hurt him, cause i don't!!! lol but yea... i was so sad when he left cause i knew that i may not be able to see him till tuesday or maybe even after tuesday cause of his band... which he doesn't wanna quit now. oh well... as long as he's happy and doin what he loves, and making some mula out of it! it's all gravy! but yea... then he called me whenever he got home and then we talked on the phone untill 2am. i was dozing off so i'm kinda glad that we got off when we did. but i'm still kinda upset that i only got to hear his voice a lil this morning n' that he lied to me. but oh well... he'll be home at like 10:30pm... so i can wait. :o) i'm gonna go work on my site now. later kiddies.

krisi kat <3<3<3
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