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April 5th, 2004

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08:05 pm - This One Has No Subject...
alrigty then... this weekend was pretty cool. it was me and mike's 9 month anniversary on friday. he came over and we walked to dairy queen. i got that new cheese cake thingie. it was good, and fattening. lol but yea... then we walked around, got stuff from the quarter machines outside of durizas, and went home. then we fulled around, and tooked a shower, and then i cooked us squetti and we ate it and watched brother bear and has a fire. it was soooo romantic and the movie's really cute. i was gonna stay over his house, but he decided to go over cody's instead. w/e. i guess i'm fine with that. but he didn't even call and tell me gnite. that was like the 15th time he's done that. he pisses me off sometimes.

saturday sucked... until 6pm. i did nothing all day but wait around for mike to call and he didn't even call when he woke up, and then FINALLY at 6, he came and got me. we went to his house, he tooked a shower, i helped him get ready, and then we went to sully's and then to his show. it was good. but it was really cold. a bunch of our friends came... so that was cool. it was cold tho so not many people came. and some ppl just stood out there b/c they didn't have any money. HAHA!! then we went out to eat and eatin park and got the breakfast buffet. lol then we went back to mike's house. i got to sleep over! woot!... yea so we ate a cookie and talked and kissed and messed around. i was really really tired... so i just slept on his chest/tummy whenever he played video games. then he tucked me in and then slept on the matress in the hallway. his bed's so fricken comfy!! it's two matresses so i slept in the middle of it. mm. and then we woke up a bunch of times and mike came up and slept with me... so i slept in his arms, so it's all gravy.

sunday was good, but it went too fast. we ate breakfast and watched tv and really just layed around and talked and stuff. it was awesome. then we ate squetti and played mancala and it was just... awesome! this weekend wasn't the greatest, but it was still cool. i loved it and i can't wait till next weekend cause it's a four day weekend, and hopefully i can stay over mike's like everyday!! lol

time to go now. tootles.

krisi kat <3
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: 7th Heaven (Blahck!)

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This One Has No Subject... - Your Perfect In My Eyes

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