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March 26th, 2004

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07:54 pm - Live Love Burn Die...
hi there. what's cracklackin? nothing here. i'm bored! and tired and my toes hurts from the damn flip flops! i love walking around outside cause the weather's so nice, but flipflops really hurt. oh well. um... let's see... yesterday was cool. i walked to ana's and we hung out n' went to the candy store and stuff. then i went down and played some kind of dodgeball with amanda and noelle. i wanted to talk to becca but she was talking to someone else so i didn't wanna interrupt. oh well. then i walked home and got home around 6:30. then i soaked my feet lol and watched most extreme challenge. that's me and mike's show. most couples don't have a show... a song or a food... but most don't have a tv show... HA... we do! lol anywho... then around 7:30, mikey came over. we tooked a bubble bath and then a shower. then i flipped out cause of stress so he did the vacuuming for me. he's such a sweety! i love him so much... :o) anywho... we had fun. it was just like 2 hours but that's ok!

school sucked ass today. i have too much stress and too much on my mind. i want to quit! lol but oh well. and me and mike talked for a while after school and just cried, both of us. we just talked about stuff... how i make him feel so special and stuff. i try. lol he is someone! even if he thinks he's not. but he's getting chubby! lol but it's still cute... mmmm i can't wait to see him. i think i get to see him tomorrow. but my mom says we have to hang out and have a fun day together tomorrow. it might be cool. if i get clothes out of this, that be great! but i NEED to see mi angela in the musical tomorrow, or sunday. i'm not sure when we're going but i'm deff going.

well i think i'm gonna go lay down in my room n' watch tv or something untill mike calls me before he starts playing. i love him... i just wish he'd have more time aside from his band. oh well. he tries... oh yea... before i go... !everyone HAS to go to the dek in charleroi on saturday april 3rd cause everyone HAS to see mi baby's band! their music isn't something i'd listen to 24/7... but they are all amazing at what they play, specially mike!!, and i want everyone to hear them and find out how great they are! well... gonna jet now... tootles.

krisi kat <3
Current Mood: distresseddistressed
Current Music: Brittney Spears (blahck!)

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Live Love Burn Die... - Your Perfect In My Eyes

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