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March 20th, 2004

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01:21 pm - Mmmm Tastey...
i just typed a whole fuckin entry and i accidently pressed the back thingie on my mouse cause my mouse is large and gay... so now i have to remember what i just typed... *thinking noises* ow. my head hurts!

anywho... lets see. monday, i don't remember. i don't think i saw mike. or maybe i did. idk. lol. and tuesday, i skipped school, and i really don't remember the rest. wednesday i went to mike's house. it was fun. thursday, i stayed at home with my mommy, after school, cause i can't miss anymore school! then friday, yesterday, mike came over. around 4 i think. we had soo much fun! i made us dinner and we watched part of greece. then tooked a shower together. it was awesome... NO we didn't do it! i washed him and i wanted to wash myself, but that didn't happen... cause i told him to turn the hott water up... but he turned the water off. i got confused. lol anyways... then we lit candles and talked and kissed and fulled around. it was very romantic. and after we were done fulling around, we layed in eachothers arms and he sang me, and himself, to sleep. it was so amazing. we never slept nakie together before. lol sooo... then we woked up at 10:30 and his dad came to get him. i wish last nite didn't have to end! i had so much fun. i love him so much... and i'm not going to hold back my feelings anymore!

well... he has a show tonite and i think i may be going so... i gotta get crap done and get ready and what-not. so... tootles!

krisi kat <3<3<3
Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: Rain Tapping On My Air Conditioner

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Mmmm Tastey... - Your Perfect In My Eyes

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