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April 28th, 2004

07:14 pm - This is the last entry...
no more entries here... idk what my new name on here is going to be, but i'll make one soon. and when i do, i'll put it in here... so when i do, please add me! :) thanks. laters.

krisi kat <3

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April 8th, 2004

07:30 pm - Err.....

give xx_imperfect_xx more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

i don't know what that is... but it's here!
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April 5th, 2004

08:05 pm - This One Has No Subject...
alrigty then... this weekend was pretty cool. it was me and mike's 9 month anniversary on friday. he came over and we walked to dairy queen. i got that new cheese cake thingie. it was good, and fattening. lol but yea... then we walked around, got stuff from the quarter machines outside of durizas, and went home. then we fulled around, and tooked a shower, and then i cooked us squetti and we ate it and watched brother bear and has a fire. it was soooo romantic and the movie's really cute. i was gonna stay over his house, but he decided to go over cody's instead. w/e. i guess i'm fine with that. but he didn't even call and tell me gnite. that was like the 15th time he's done that. he pisses me off sometimes.

saturday sucked... until 6pm. i did nothing all day but wait around for mike to call and he didn't even call when he woke up, and then FINALLY at 6, he came and got me. we went to his house, he tooked a shower, i helped him get ready, and then we went to sully's and then to his show. it was good. but it was really cold. a bunch of our friends came... so that was cool. it was cold tho so not many people came. and some ppl just stood out there b/c they didn't have any money. HAHA!! then we went out to eat and eatin park and got the breakfast buffet. lol then we went back to mike's house. i got to sleep over! woot!... yea so we ate a cookie and talked and kissed and messed around. i was really really tired... so i just slept on his chest/tummy whenever he played video games. then he tucked me in and then slept on the matress in the hallway. his bed's so fricken comfy!! it's two matresses so i slept in the middle of it. mm. and then we woke up a bunch of times and mike came up and slept with me... so i slept in his arms, so it's all gravy.

sunday was good, but it went too fast. we ate breakfast and watched tv and really just layed around and talked and stuff. it was awesome. then we ate squetti and played mancala and it was just... awesome! this weekend wasn't the greatest, but it was still cool. i loved it and i can't wait till next weekend cause it's a four day weekend, and hopefully i can stay over mike's like everyday!! lol

time to go now. tootles.

krisi kat <3
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March 30th, 2004

08:16 pm - It's That Time Again Folks...

hi there kiddies. it's time for an actual update. but ya know what, i need comments! lol it's sad... everyone gets comments in here but me! what do i need to say in here that'll make ppl comment?!?! lol w/e. here goes...

  • friday: i just layed around and did nothing. mike got me mad b/c he didn't call me, even tho he said he would. i don't like when he goes that b/c (1) i hate whenever he lies to me and (2) i hate going to sleep w/o hearing his voice and we have a corney lil thing where he says gnite, n' then i say gnite, n' then he says sweet dreams, n' i say dream sweet. it's corney but it's qoot. lol but he made up for it saturday/sunday.
  • saturday: i woked up early and went shopping with my mommy and cassie. we went to khols. i got 5 shirts (hello kitty, pink panther, some qoot one that i can't explain, i <3 nerds, and mr bubble or something like that), 4 pairs of floods, one pair of black comfy pants for chicago and a pair of cute black and pink op shoes (ghetto chuckies... oh well... i'm not the only one!!). then we went to round hill park and looked at the ducks and talked. the reason we did is b/c my mom had found a note that i wrote to mike to make him feel bad and she got worried and stuff. it said that i wanna kill myself and stuff like that, which i don't!! but... i'm glad i have a carring mommy. then i went over mike's. oh yea... i bot him a shirt too. it says game over on it. it's cool. yea... so then we worked on flyers for his band's show *toe up (his band) and abattoir murders on april 3rd (this saturday) at the dek in charleroi by the park from 7pm to 10pm... unless it rains... then it will be rescheduled* sorry, had to do that! lol anywho... then we got asked to go skating so we had to do a bunch of crap b4 2nd session. so his parents tooked us to jake's house to show him the flyers (he liked em) then we went to jake's pizza. omg it's so fuckin greasy! i felt sick after i ate it. oh well. it was cool. then i went home, got money, and got ready. then we went to walmart. mike got new shoes, socks, a golf hat, and suspenders. lol i love that crazy guy! and i got flip flops. they're black and qoot. i can't explain em. lol but yea... we had fun. we ran around and stuff. i love being in walmart with him. it's so much fun! then we went to skating. we only went to 2nd session. i hated it b/c i felt like i was going to pass out the whole time and mike kept skating away from me cause cody was there. he was just trying to do some trick thingie, which was good, but it pissed me off cause he didn't even fuckin care about me. if this is gonna happen all the time, and he doesn't pay attention to me and only couple skates with me 1 1/2 times, i'm not going anymore with him! it was boring. but oh well. i got to spend time with him so it was all good.
  • sunday: i went over mike's around 1-ish. cody was there, of course. oh well. i miss hanging out with him n' mike. yea.. we cleaned and rearranged his room and got mcdonalds and i watched them skate. then we went down to underneath the two highways going over coyle curtain road, i think, and i taped them skate and stuff. it was cool. it was such a nice day out. i got a bit of sunburn on my cheeks. lol it was neatoe. mike wanted to come over my house for a bit, and i really wanted him to come over too, but his mom was being mean. but i'm sure she had reasons. oh well. that weekend was awesome so it was ok. i had stuff to do too. i really wish we could have had some time alone. but we will tomorrow. :)
  • monday: yesterday. school was gay. but at 10:30pm... mikey came over for like 15 minutes. he gave me some flyers i have to give out tomorrow to like... everyone! lol and we kissed and i kept kissing his neck and hugging him. i miss him so much! i love him sooooo much! then he went home and we talked till like midnight on the phone.
  • tuesday: today. i had to go to the birth control place. i got my pills changed cause of my moodiness. oh well. maybe i won't cry as much and make mike feel like poo anymore. i don't want to make him feel bad anymore. yea... mike was gonna come over today even tho he's not allowed... but he has to go to some thingie with his band. oh well. i'll let him. cause tomorrow...... he's mine. lol j/k j/k.

well... i'm going to go change my laundry and finish watching american idol. YAY... amy should win!! soooooooo.. i'll add one tomorrow nite or thursday... more than likely thursday. tootles.

krisi kat <3

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11:59 am - Randomness...
this entry has no purpose... but that's okay!!

^mike's band (and the abattoir murders) have a show... n' u HAVE TO go to it! lol this isn't their real flyer. i made it myself. it's gay! woot woot!

^lil kaos <3 they're soo qoot! i think the one is mad cause the other one is spraying stuff on him, or dancing. :-/

/ / /
^some random faires. pointless, yet qoot.

^me and my mikey! we <3 duct tape!

^me and my mikey, again. we're sooo qoot!

that's about it. i don't feel like making anymore, or stealing anymore. teehee. tootles.

krisi kat <3

subliminal msg---> u WILL go to my baby's show this saturday from 7 till 10 pm at the dek in charleroi!! u WILL go to my baby's show this saturday from 7 till 10 pm at the dek in charleroi!! u WILL go to my baby's show this saturday from 7 till 10 pm at the dek in charleroi!! u WILL go to my baby's show this saturday from 7 till 10 pm at the dek in charleroi!! u WILL go to my baby's show this saturday from 7 till 10 pm at the dek in charleroi!! u WILL go to my baby's show this saturday from 7 till 10 pm at the dek in charleroi!!

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March 26th, 2004

07:54 pm - Live Love Burn Die...
hi there. what's cracklackin? nothing here. i'm bored! and tired and my toes hurts from the damn flip flops! i love walking around outside cause the weather's so nice, but flipflops really hurt. oh well. um... let's see... yesterday was cool. i walked to ana's and we hung out n' went to the candy store and stuff. then i went down and played some kind of dodgeball with amanda and noelle. i wanted to talk to becca but she was talking to someone else so i didn't wanna interrupt. oh well. then i walked home and got home around 6:30. then i soaked my feet lol and watched most extreme challenge. that's me and mike's show. most couples don't have a show... a song or a food... but most don't have a tv show... HA... we do! lol anywho... then around 7:30, mikey came over. we tooked a bubble bath and then a shower. then i flipped out cause of stress so he did the vacuuming for me. he's such a sweety! i love him so much... :o) anywho... we had fun. it was just like 2 hours but that's ok!

school sucked ass today. i have too much stress and too much on my mind. i want to quit! lol but oh well. and me and mike talked for a while after school and just cried, both of us. we just talked about stuff... how i make him feel so special and stuff. i try. lol he is someone! even if he thinks he's not. but he's getting chubby! lol but it's still cute... mmmm i can't wait to see him. i think i get to see him tomorrow. but my mom says we have to hang out and have a fun day together tomorrow. it might be cool. if i get clothes out of this, that be great! but i NEED to see mi angela in the musical tomorrow, or sunday. i'm not sure when we're going but i'm deff going.

well i think i'm gonna go lay down in my room n' watch tv or something untill mike calls me before he starts playing. i love him... i just wish he'd have more time aside from his band. oh well. he tries... oh yea... before i go... !everyone HAS to go to the dek in charleroi on saturday april 3rd cause everyone HAS to see mi baby's band! their music isn't something i'd listen to 24/7... but they are all amazing at what they play, specially mike!!, and i want everyone to hear them and find out how great they are! well... gonna jet now... tootles.

krisi kat <3
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March 25th, 2004

06:32 am - I Suppose I'll Update...
mike's in the shower right now so i have time to update before he calls me back. ok well... last night deffinately deserves an entry! it was so fun. mikey came over. unfortunately it wasn't when he usually comes over (around 3)... it was 5 but it was still cool. it took him sooo long to show me his teeth. he looks hott w/o braces! lol he's sucha cutie! and yea.. so we wrestled and then he was tickeling my neck by blowing on it and stuff cause my neck's ultra sensative (gay word...:-\) and yea... that slowly turned into him kissing my neck and giving me a huge hickey!! it's monsterous (another gay word!). but yea... it was hott and we made out and i gave him something... lol i learn from pornoes.. it's great! we didn't have sex or anything, cause we weren't really in the mood. but it's all good cause sex isn't even that awesome when u do it so often. so we're both calming down on the sex. it's all gwavy. and uh... then we talked and kissed and watched full house and i made us cheesburgers. i like making us food. :o) then we watched full house untill 7 and then tooked a shower. it was getting cold cause we were in there for a really long time so we just got out. we talked and stuff and kissed and then before american idol... we had sex. but... i really don't think that we're going to do it that much anymore b/c it's better when u haven't done it in a while, and then do it, only once. it's so great with him cause this is just the way we show eachother how much we love eachother. so there!! then we watched american idol n' talked n' kissed til he went home. i miss him already. well.... he just called so i gotsta go. tah tah!

krisi kat <3<3<3
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March 22nd, 2004

02:57 pm - My Head Is Going To Xplode...
allergies SUCK ASS... yea. i'm so miserable, and clogged, and runny. i'm going to die. i fell on the floor in math. lol *points at self and says drama queen* SOOO... the last time i updated this shiz was... saturday. what happened after then? uh.. er.. oh yea! i got ready and then gary came and tooked me to mikey's house. he didn't know i was coming. teehee. yea well i'm REALLY glad i got to talk to gary cause i haven't talked to him, before friday, since v-day. i think so, atleast. well... yea... i brushed his hair, cause he had just got out of the shower *mmm yummy*, while he played video games. lol i love doing that! then... OMG... he taught me how to skateboard! so now i actually know how! i didn't fall once either. i can get onto the board and crud and i can push myself, idk what it's called, and i can push myself twice and then go... but it sucks because it's hard for me to turn my foot cause my shoes hate me! oh well. next time it's nice outside, he's gotsta teach me how to stop cause i had to use his dad's car to stop. it hurt. :o( ANYWHO... then his band came and we packed up, while it was rainging grrr, and then went to homestead for their gig. it was cool. they sounded better the first time because i liked those songs better, but this time was good too. they didn't give aaron a solo tho. :o( jake's a meanoe! and mike's solo rocked, as usual! he is seriously the best drummer i know... even better than the drummer of My Hotel Year and that drummer fuckin ruled! but oh well, mike's great. i love him much!! and yea... there were these fat chicks and they got into the van with us cause tom and jake were flirting with them. i swear they're in it for the chicks and money and not for playing the music... which i think is gay cause mike and aaron do it for the music. and jason lives under a bridge, so he does it for money... lol j/k j/k it's a joke... had to be there i suppose. and yea... aaron kept telling me to wash the dishes... lol... and he got us wendy's, well he tooked us, i bought it, of course. and uh... mike said he quit but he really didn't. i'm getting sick of that. lol not really it's just i wish he would make up his mind on what would make him happiest. oh wellz. then me and mike went to his house and played some kids games and kissed and talked. it was cool. then we went to bed in his living room. he got his matress and out it by the couch so i would be by him. it was awesome. i love sleeping with him. lol even tho it wasn't WITH him persay. oh well.

then yesterday, sunday, we woked up and ate cereal and toast and played with ollie (we're ingaged... lol). mike's not too happy about that. lol we kinda just layed around all day watching tv and stuff. i took a shower. it was nice. i like his shower. it was the first time i tooked one there... and me and mike take one together here like twice a week maybe. lol but um... then his mommy came home and we ate chicken and french fries and brocoli. it was tastey. then we watched tv and then we came over here. what we did here is NONE of anyone's business... cause nothing happened. lol cause if something would have, i would out it in here. lol but yea... we just watched tv and cuddled and stuff. it was awesome. we needed some alone time. he left around 9:30. he called me around 10:15 and then we talked and said our gnites and i went to sleep. i was so fuckin tired. this weekend tired me out so much! but it was sooo worth it!

well, that's it, i think. mike's gona get back soon from getting his tainer so i guess i should go now. tootles.

krisi kat <3<3<3
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March 20th, 2004

01:21 pm - Mmmm Tastey...
i just typed a whole fuckin entry and i accidently pressed the back thingie on my mouse cause my mouse is large and gay... so now i have to remember what i just typed... *thinking noises* ow. my head hurts!

anywho... lets see. monday, i don't remember. i don't think i saw mike. or maybe i did. idk. lol. and tuesday, i skipped school, and i really don't remember the rest. wednesday i went to mike's house. it was fun. thursday, i stayed at home with my mommy, after school, cause i can't miss anymore school! then friday, yesterday, mike came over. around 4 i think. we had soo much fun! i made us dinner and we watched part of greece. then tooked a shower together. it was awesome... NO we didn't do it! i washed him and i wanted to wash myself, but that didn't happen... cause i told him to turn the hott water up... but he turned the water off. i got confused. lol anyways... then we lit candles and talked and kissed and fulled around. it was very romantic. and after we were done fulling around, we layed in eachothers arms and he sang me, and himself, to sleep. it was so amazing. we never slept nakie together before. lol sooo... then we woked up at 10:30 and his dad came to get him. i wish last nite didn't have to end! i had so much fun. i love him so much... and i'm not going to hold back my feelings anymore!

well... he has a show tonite and i think i may be going so... i gotta get crap done and get ready and what-not. so... tootles!

krisi kat <3<3<3
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March 15th, 2004

08:51 am - Two Days... Two Words... Fucking Awesome!...
yea soooo... i just <3 updating when i'm supposed to be doing my mythology research! lol well... after the last actual update, i kinda just sat around and waited for mike to call me. then my mommy tooked me over his house and i waited there for a tid bit for mike to get home. then we rushed around, gale came, and then we left for mike's gig. it was somewhere in homestead i think. it was so awesome! they were the first band, i think. they were great. mike's solo was SOOO amazing! he is seriously the best drummer i know! he's so talented and i am so fuckin proud of him. i had to much fun there, altho at the end, i kinda didn't feel that great cuase of all the smoke and i was hungry. but it's all good. we hung out after they played an awesome show and we saw the rest of the bands. no one was as good as mike. they all pretty much sucked. then we left, idk what time tho. it was like midnight i think. and then we went to denny's. i got breakfast! lol i was off my diet this weekend. :o) yea anyways... then aaron dropped us off at mike's house (me and mike) and i went on the puter and he did stuff with his drums. he went upstairs to do soemthing and i didn't think he'd be able to hear me, so i started singing. i was so tired/hyper. i felt drunk! lol and yea... so he did hear me and i was so embarrassed. but he said that i sounded really good. that's all that matters i suppose. then we went into his siter's room and i gave him a VERY nice hang jobby! lol no lotion, and i made him cum. i got skilled! lol uh... then we went upstairs and he tucked my in his bed and then he turned out the light and i got all scared cause i didn't wanna be in the dark (i'm scared of the dark... it's a long story!!) so he said that i could sleep in the living room with him. he was gonna sleep on the chair and i was gonna sleep on the couch. but we ended up sleeping together in his sister's room cause she was at chris's... of course. lol and so we started watching school of rock but then i fell asleep, then he fell asleep. his mom woke us up and she didn't even care that much. and we woked up around noon and ate french toast and we watched school of rock. i <3 that movie! and for the rest of the day untill 6, we just layed around and talked and kissed and watched tv. i had the best weekend ever and this morning, mike said that it was the best weekend ever and it made me feel better. i love him so much! i can't wait till i can sleep with him again! he's so damn comfy! lol well i should really go now cause ms smelnick's looks hungry again! lol well then... tootles!

krisi kat <3<3<3

p.s. i'm gonna change the layout soon... don't worry!
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